Sunday, October 12, 2014


Welcome to Navy Yard Notes, the new home for analysis of the Washington Nationals. The baseball world is overflowing with analysis from the sabermetric community. There have been some great strides made in understanding the game of baseball, starting with Bill James and continuing to great resources today with sites like Despite all this progress, there is still a disconnect between the casual fan, “old school” ballplayers, and even entire baseball organizations (shout out to the Phillies).  Even very progressive organizations struggle to communicate the numbers from their analytics departments down to the field. Just take a look at the chaos in the Astros organization this year for an example of how great ideas can get lost to bad communication. 

With that in mind, my goal will be to take all the great work out there and condense that into useful analysis of the Nationals. With the 2014 season in the rearview mirror for the Nats, and this San Francisco – St Louis series doing nothing but bringing up bad memories, I am going to start with a review of the 2014 season. I’ll start general, looking at some of the trends from the previous season and what that can tell us about the Nationals 2015 outlook, and take a deeper dive into the roster. That should help to fill the time between now and opening day in 2015.

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